Talks & Interaction

This series of Careers Connect Talks and interactions features DPS Alumni who, having reached the pinnacle of their careers and professions, now happily share their 'career challenges', how these were intertwined with 'life challenges' and the insightful strategies they developed for growing from these challenges.

No doubt the environment has changed drastically over 30-40 years, and is now changing every 2-4 years in terms of new avenues, new ways of addressing issues...hence new career oppportunities.

This rich framework platform also provides a basis for understanding the many choices, tradeoffs, and decisions that these professionals faced; showcasing many personal stories, with spotlights on themes essential to guiding one's career development.

The DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK thanks these alumni who have generously given their time and attention to sharing the journey of their career with young adults who stand at the doorstep of the next phase of their lives.

Talk 28, Make up Artist 17.04.21 Supriti Batra

Talk 26, Journalism 04.04.21 Shantanu G. Ray  Video          Talk 27, Medical - ENT 10.04.21 Dr Arun Theraja  Video

Talk 24, CA in Practice 20.03.21 CA Pranav Jain  Video        Talk 25, Creative Actor 27.03.21 Jaya Ojha   Video

Talk 22, Breast Cancer 06.03.21 Dr. Chand Rohatgi  Video    Talk 23, Hotels Exec. Chef 13.03.21 M Loganadhan   Video

Talk 20, Creative Dance 20.02.21 Mrs. Sanchita Abrol Video Talk 21, Architecture 27.02.21 Gurpreet Singh    Video

Talk 19, Mktg. Professional 10.02.21 Neeran Chhiber Video   Talk 20, IIS 13.02.21 Ms. Ira Joshi, IIS    Video

Talk 17, Film Making 30.01.21 Sumit Kumar   Video             Talk 18, Medicine-Cardiology 06.02.21 Dr Balbir SinghVideo

Talk 15, Educationist 16.01.21 Sunita Khanna   Video          Talk 16, Government Sector 23.01.21 Dr Sunil Gupta  Video

Talk 13, Musician 02.01.21 Himanshu Joshi Video               Talk 14, Maxillo Facial 09.01.21 Dr. Rohit Punga  Video

Talk 11, Employable Skills 19.12.20 Rajiv Soni Video             Talk 12, Tourism & Hospitality 26.12.20 Ranjit Vig  Video

Talk 9, Law & Legal Services 05.12.20 Suman Khaitan Video  Talk 10, Indian Navy 12.12.20 Anil Jai Singh  Video

Talk 7, Gynaecology 21.11.20 Dr. Puja Dewan   Video          Talk 8, FMCG 28.11.20 Dinesh Dayal   Video

Talk 5, Advertising 7.11.20 Simrat Gulati    Video                  Talk 6, Architecture 13.11.20 Dr. Fuad H. Mallick  Video

Talk 3, Overseas Education 24.10.20 Dr. Rajesh   Video       Talk 4, CA, Education 31.10.20 CA Rajiv Soni  Video

  Talk 1, CA, Hospitality 10.10.20 CA Sanjiv Rai   Video         Talk 2, Creative-Ceramics 17.10.20 Rekha Aggarwal  Video
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