ALMA TALKS, inspired by Nobel Laureate for peace, Kailash Satyarthi, "When people start speaking up , it is the beginning of change in society"  it’s purpose is to feature topics to foster generation and sharing of great ideas, being a platform for thinkers, visionaries and teachers to share their thoughts for people to gain a better understanding of the larger issues faced by the world-environmental, health related, relationship related, education related.

It will grow to build it's own brand, have a YouTube channel, Interviews and talks with ‘Opinion Leaders’, Talks about Life’s lessons, Talks in education institutions, as well as talks on art, culture, on life skills, employable skills, and more- helping create a better future.

Fused in with DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK, a a rapidly growing network of alumni of all DPS schools (3400+ members in less than 20 months), ALMA TALKS will tap the power and experience of DPS Alumni who have done exceptionally well in several fields- both in India and overseas- and left a mark as visionaries, thought leaders and outstanding performers.

Currently, the series of Talks are:

1. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani : This series of Talk Shows features DPS Alumni settled overseas for several years...their mindset when they left India, and their mindset today.

2. Living your dream: A talk show where DPS Alumni share what they did in their professional life, the path they pursued and the stumbling blocks they navigated, to start living the life of their dreams. Listen to their fantastic tales of aspiration, perspiration, dejection, inspiration... satisfaction!

3. Mujhe kuch kehna hai
Talk 1: Scheduled for first weekend of December 2020.

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