So, you want to share an activity you have been pursuing for last few years?
Tell us about your entrepreneurial venture?
A rare feat or accomplishment of your child or parent?
A memory that visits you ever so often?
Or....comment on an issue? (not being politics, religion, defence matters of the country).

If you have something to say, say it today.
Because no one knows...exactly how long we get to stay!

This series of ALMA TALKS features a Talk Show where DPS Alumni get sufficient time and space to do so.
A 30 minutes Talk Show where you can speak your heart out about anything that you want.

How to go about it? Here’s how in 3 easy steps.
Step 1, Write down in a few lines what you want to say....and email
             Also email any videos, photos that you would like to showcase in your Talk.

Step 2, Become 'Member' of DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK. Rs.2500/-(upto 31.3.23, eDirectory listing included)
Step 3, Contribution Rs.1000/- which will get you
        ☛  30 minutes platform on the Talk Show 'Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai'

        ☛   Marketing your talk to 1000+ DPS Alumni via email, WhatsApp and twitter.
        ☛   Uploading on and sending link to 1000+ DPS alumni
        ☛   A page here in this section with your picture and brief details of what you have said in the Talk Show
        ☛   One Week post as an Announcement in the Fb group DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK (3600+ members)

Days/ time currently fixed:
Saturday 11am-12 noon
Sunday   11am-12 noon or 5-6 pm

For more details, please call:+91- 98-993-28283 or email
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