CA Rajiv Soni

DPS-Alumni Network is a group started by Rajiv Soni .... to foster Unity, Understanding, Professional improvement, Support and Comfort amongst alumni of all DPS schools. We are several thousand professionals, creative individuals, Government servants and politicians, thinkers and more...and yes movers and shakers too!

Hence the need to form meaningful connections to share our experiences of studying, getting jobs, sharpening our intellect and widening our experience as well as learning secrets of success, accomplishment and ‘being happy’

My vision is five-fold:

1. Unite DPS alumni of all DPS schools, all batches on a common platform
2. Foster understanding of others’ beliefs, feelings, experiences and intentions
3. Improve work culture~ career guidance and development, skills, mentoring,     employment tips
4. Business Networking
5. Have and be a Support & Comfort system for higher levels of well-being,     better coping skills and a longer and healthier life

On this platform you can seek career guidance, ask for alumni with specified qualifications, look for professionals, seek ideas, capital, workforce...share experiences in travel, entertainment, working in an industry, as an entrepreneur, a medical issue... and yes, even share a tragedy, loss or state of mind without fear of being judged. I am confident that having formed this group, we will take charge to include more DPS alumni be they our friends, relatives, children and even parents, grandparents.


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