When people collaborate, whether at work or as a team, the results can be astounding. The same holds true for members of an Alumni Network

It doesn't matter if one is collaborating with alumni right next door or alumni on the other side of the globe, one can now easily join hands, voices and vocal cords, with the ease of technology, to collaborate in pitch, rhythmic beats, tune et al.

Many DPS alumni of DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK worked together and produced a song, an ode to the Corona Warriors....for their selfless service to mankind. This has added to each individual's experience and sources of inspiration, and giving the musician in us the chance to expand our personality to an altogether level.

Our first song was We will survive

Our second song is Be Your Brave, an ode to the warrior within. The continuing damage of the Pandemic, most importantly, to the mind weakens it leading to surrender. But we are the sole warriors of the battlefield inside us against our fears and anxieties, and this song attempts to give hope, reason to dream, fight!

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