Members of the DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK looking for a service can search for providers here.

The system will display a list of professionals qualified to do your job by providing all information such as showcasing their capability, credentials, references, fees, professional charges etc.

Choose the professional that you find most appropriate to do your work.

We're starting with:

Shifalika Dalmia, Litigation Lawyer, 10+ years. Dealing in Contracts, Civil disputes, Property matters,Wills, Service, Mediation & Arbitration.

Rajnish Goyal, Advocate High Court of Delhi for the past 37 years, specialising in taxation matters and also in consumer & insurance cases.

Ranjit Khattar, Chartered Accountant in practice for over 30 Years based in New Delhi .Dealing in audit,taxation,Debt Syndication and raising Private Equity. Would be keen to assist fellow Dipsites in any of the above issues.

Vipul Suchdeva, Real Estate developers & coloniser. Mainly active in Gurugram and South Delhi.

Email asking for connect details.

Meanwhile, you are requested to become a 'Member' of DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK. It's only Rs.2,500/-

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