Considering the myriad of career options today that are overwhelming and even confusing, the idea of CareersConnect aims to help students make an informed choice by interacting with top notch professionals, globally.

This idea was successfully launched in 2014 when 30 professionals came in person (and 4 from overseas via Internet) to share their career journey with 600+ students of a leading school in Delhi NCR.

Today, the COVID pandemic has brought adversity but also hidden within it, is an opportunity.

Am backed by 15+ yrs of career counselling in several premier education institutions, and overseas study in Delhi NCR

Using technology I plan to enable fascinating career growth stories of 500 DPS alumnus in a variety of careers, professions ranging from the traditional Medicine, Engineering to some 'never-heard-of-before' career choices including Food Flavourist, Deep Sea Diver to Pets grooming.

Stages in the process:

1. Exploration
Students are mostly unsure of what careers to choose. But they are often sure about their interests. The initiative CareersConnect endeavors to help them learn about 500+ careers from top-notch professionals who've 'been there, done that; exposing students to opportunities in a wide range of professional fields from fashion designing, law and hospitality management to business management, bio-technology and environmental sciences, covering not only conventional careers such as engineering, medicine, law and the civil services, but a host of new options in event management, modelling, mobile apps design, film animation, music technology, web design, fashion merchandising, social media marketing and many others.
In a world buzzing with endless advice on which Career to choose, what to do after school.... students can listen to (and even have a chat with) top people in these careers to understand the education required for that, the trials and tribulations they underwent, the sacrifices they made and the net result of their career decision- even if made in a different time, circumstance and environment; sacrifices and achievement, balance and fulfilment, in defined professional areas. Students will get an idea about various occupations/ professions: what they would do on the job, how much they might earn, how much education or training they might need…and so on.

Target audience is young adults (as they develop personal values and focus on a career choice) and their parents.

There are two more stages after Exploration:
(i) Crystallization, becoming more engrossed in a particular career, committing to one direction more than ever.
(ii) Specification, in which a preference is developed for a specific area of the occupation.

DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK is extremely grateful to the following professionals for coming on board this initiative.
And many more to follow

2. Higher Study
   * Overseas

Consultants, Recruiters, Trainers


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If you would like to share your career journey with young adults to inspire them, to consider your career for themselves, here’s how... in 2 easy steps.
Step 1, Write down your career and email
             Also email any videos, photos that you would like to showcase in your Talk.
Step 2, Become a 'Member' of DPS-ALUMNI NETWORK. It’s only Rs.500/-

Days/ time currently fixed: Saturday 5.00-5.40pm
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3. Finally choose a Career, and start
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