DPS Alumnus Avantika Mittal's appeal
From: Avantika Mittal avantikamittal@gmail.com 12th Dec 2021
To: Rajiv Soni
DPS-Alumni Network

I am a DPS Noida alumnus (2001 batch) seeking help from DPS-Alumni Network for raising Medical treatment money for my parents- both suffering from cancer. As I write this am on my way to Chandigarh to get Chemotherapy medicines for my mother who is critical with Grade 4 Ovarian Cancer. My father is also in stage 4 lung cancer with mets in Brain spine liver and lung.
They are being treated for last 6 months with various treatments like Chemotherapy, surgery, and Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy etc and I need assistance in raising further funds for their treatment.

(My brother, Abhinav Mittal DPS alumnus (97 batch) has been missing for last
8 years and we, as a family, have suffered a lot due to this.)

Read more - http://m-lp.co/satyana7?utm_medium=whatsapp_status&utm_source=app

Appeal -

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